You probably arrived at this website because you are looking for a good place to accommodate your webshop. And when you say webshop, you say Magento. That is to say, almost every serious online store is built in Magento nowadays.

Obviously, one can accommodate his shop at almost every hosting company. And when it comes to a store that you run after working hours and for which the performance of the site is of secondary importance, then it does not really matter with which hosting company you end up. For which shops do you need us?


The name says it all. MagentoHosting.Pro specializes in hosting Magento webshops, and the suffix “.Pro” provides among other things that we are fully established to host webshops for PROfessionals. Since we do not like to wait until something goes wrong, we act PROactively when it comes to your shop, and it turns to account for you.

Furthermore, we closely follow the developments within the Magento community, which makes us PROgressive, and the abundantly present knowhow ensures that we can deliver high-levelled PROgrammer support.

We can think of dozens of words that start with PRO and that somehow link to us, but you probably understand what we mean.

Under the menu item ‘Magento‘ you will find the different possibilities of hosting when you have a Magento shop. There you can decide for yourself which way is the best for you.

In the sidebar, you will find a number of links to demo shops that offer you an impression of the speed of web shops in various configurations. Also on this website is a page with a couple of ‘showcase sites’: webshops for which speed and optimal settings are of the highest importance because of their big amounts of visitors and/or products. You will find the showcase sites here.