There are hosting companies that give you as much as 99.9… percent uptime guarantee, or do other kinds of promises to ensure that you get the largest possible sense of security. When you choose for such a company, you often have to sign a long-term contract (we think one year is a very long time). We do it differently:

If you decide to go with us we make two promises:

  1. We do our utmost to ensure that you are happy and you stay happy.
  2. You can easily say goodbye to us, if you think we did not keep our promise in 1, for whatever reason.

We value doing business in an open and transparent way and we don’t like bothering you with long-term contracts. If we give each other our ‘consent’ , you pay three months in advance, but, if desired, you can easily migrate to another hoster. You do not even have to wait till the end of that three-month period. We’ll pay you back what you didn’t use of what you paid for, no questions asked. We even make the data available that you need to continue elsewhere.

But we may assume that this won’t be necessary at all. If you’re getting married, you do not assume that you are getting a divorce in the future, do you?

We’ll give you another list of reasons that may help you decide to choose for MagentoHosting.Pro.

Why MagentoHosting.Pro ?

  1. You can have a MagentoHosting.Pro package for 149 euros plus VAT per month. In this package, all server settings are optimized for average usage. The real finetuning occurs in the packages that provide more service, capacity and such, and therefore cost more. But for 149 euros you can have a Magento webshop run smoothly and quickly.
  2. For web shops that are bigger and more successful, we don’t use fixed packages. In consultation with you, we can compile exactly the package that you need, varying from a little extra disk space to a solution with dedicated servers. Optimizing the server settings increases as the price of the package increases.
  3. If you have a hosting package with MagentoHosting.Pro, you can have your own developing location for only 49 euros plus VAT per month extra. This way you can run your tests in a protected environment, without disturbing your running web shop.
  4. The people behind the scenes at MagentoHosting.Pro are all experts. Jeroen Vermeulen for example, the owner-manager, is a much sought Magento developer with a lot of knowledge and insight. If there are problems with your account, for example, and he can quickly trace the problem, he will not hesitate to tell you where the error is coming from. If desired, and for a fee, he can also solve it for you.The great advantage of the presence of such experts is that you will not be sent from pillar to post. Besides, Jeroen is also available as a developer for larger projects. Keep in mind that there might be a long waiting period.

About Jeroen

Speaking about Jeroen: a few years ago he started his own business, after having gained a thorough knowledge of Magento, technology and everything else that has something to do with the matter, with reputable companies and during training and courses.

In recent years he has proven himself day by day and with great success as one of the top Magento developers in the Benelux and he has a considerable reputation in this field. If you want to learn more about what Jeroen is doing as a freelancer, please visit www.jeroenvermeulen.eu. By all means, you can be sure that he puts all his experience and knowledge that he gained as a Magento expert, in MagentoHosting.Pro.


Back to the question where to host your web shop best, taking everything into consideration what we tell you on this website, and you sum all the benefits, can you conclude anything else than that you can accommodate your shop at nearly no risk at MagentoHosting.Pro? No, neither do we!

Therefore, we invite you to contact us. We then go and see in what solution your shop performs best. And as said, if it should not become what you expected, you can instantly leave us and without problems. Call or e-mail us today or fill in the contact form in the sidebar. Your shop is in good hands with us!

The Team

Jeroen Vermeulen Senior Magento Hosting Expert www.jeroenvermeulen.eu Senior Magento Developer Continuously optimising and improving the hosting Performance expert Pager duty, 24/7 available for customers Troubleshooter Founder and owner     Roland Walraven Senior Linux System Administrator A lot of experience in web hosting Monitors server graphs Hardware expert Takes care of (security) patches and updates Pro-active maintenance …

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