When you create a Magento webshop or have it created, you will have to choose sooner or later which way of web hosting you prefer. It is important that you make the right decision on this matter, even if you already have had an online store for a while. That’s why we listed the various options in the Magento web hosting market for you:

  1. Shared Hosting
    There are providers that accommodate Magento shops on a regular ‘shared hosting’ server. This means that the shops are located between other websites, and usually share an IP address. In many cases, there are 250-500 sites on a server. This type of hosting is usually very affordable, but that is the only advantage you have.One of the disadvantages is the probable presence of a phenomenon called ‘overbooking’. This means that a certain amount of disk space and traffic is assigned to each of those 250 or 500 sites, which, in total, is a much larger amount than possible on that server. So if too many sites are using those large amounts of traffic and disk space, the server will have serious capacity issues.An other disadvantage is that the settings are not perfect for Magento web shops by any means. This makes that the performance of your web shop is much lower than what is possible, that some settings are not possible, that outdated software versions are used et cetera.

    This way of hosting may be appropriate for you if you’re having a small budget and you’re running your Magento shop as a hobby, or if you’re just having only a few visitors. It’s important for you to know that your customers/visitors often do not have a very positive experience with your shop because of the bad server performance.

  2. Magento specialists
    On the Dutch and Belgian markets, and in the rest of the world too, there are hosting companies that present themselves as Magento specialists. In many cases, they are actually specialists, and your shop will be accommodated on a server which settings have been optimized for Magento webshops. Furthermore, you can often get in for a fair amount of money, especially when you’re having a web site with not so many visitors.The problems will occur when your shop is starting to grow. You will be confronted with all sorts of costs for additional traffic, a more complete package, you name it. Moreover, these standard hosting packages are still based on shared hosting, with all the problems mentioned before, such as unwanted restrictions and settings that have a bad influence on the performance.Such a Magento specialist can be a good choice if you’re having a relatively small shop with not too much traffic, and the expectations show no or just a little growth in the future. With this way of hosting, the performance of the shop is not really good either, which don’t give your visitors a perfect customer experience.
  3. Virtual Machine
    When problems with a server occur, the reason may be in the hardware that is used. With a virtual machine, the chances on the occurring of such problems are almost completely eliminated, because the machine simulates a server. A “real” server can contain dozens of virtual servers, that function almost completely independent from each other.If a virtual server crashes, the other virtual servers usually won’t have any problems. An other advantage is that you can really use the amounts of disk space and traffic that come with your package, so there is no such thing as ‘overbooking’. And because of the independance, you’ll have a high uptime.However, this way of hosting has severe disadvantages. Usually, you need to do a lot yourself, and as far as Magento is concerned, it is rather circuitous. This means delays and a lack of grip on the performance.

    For most of the regular websites, this is a more than acceptable way of hosting, provided that you (if you have a Magento shop) are willing to put some time in it yourself. For the really professional web shops, for which performance is the main issue, virtual hosting still isn’t the optimal way of hosting.

  4. MagentoHosting.Pro
    Last but not least, we ourselves. Our target customers are webshops that have to deliver top performances in order to give the customer an optimal user experience, especially when it comes to response time, and that have to be hosted on servers that can meet the high standards.MagentoHosting.Pro combines the key advantages of the other hosting possibilities and eliminates the disadvantages. On the following pages you will find a list of the features, the benefits, the possible reasons to choose for this et cetera: