Why is it that you’re better off with MagentoHosting.Pro when you have a large and busy shop?

On the ‘Magento‘ page you can find an overview of the pros and cons of different types of hosting. There you see that MagentoHosting.Pro is a more than suitable hoster for large and busy web shops.

To keep you from thinking that we’re just saying this from a commercial point of view, you will find on this page and on the ‘Speed​​‘ page, a number of independent, verifiable reasons that state our claim that MagentoHosting.Pro is the best solution for you.

Let’s start with the servers. We have devices that are fully prepared for the many visitors that attend your shop and on the quantity of products that are in it:

  1. 6-8 processor cores; this makes that many tasks can be performed simultaneously.
  2. 96-128 Gb memory.
  3. Hardware raid, all data is stored on two disks and everything keeps on running in case a disk breaks.
  4. A complete backup server is available that can replace a possible crashed server in no time.
  5. Despite the fact that there may be several shops (but certainly not hundreds of them) on a server, the CPU usages are continuously monitored for each account separately. Therefore, your shop will not be affected very long by another shop on the same server.
  6. We cooperate with BIT, a company that manages some of the leading data centers in the Benelux.

Other benefits

  1. If your package is getting too small, you can upgrade to a tailor-made package. You do not have to pay for all kinds of extras that are standard in a larger package, but that you don’t use.
  2. If your shop needs special settings, that can be arranged by agreement.
  3. If problems should occur, we are 24/7 available. Within no time, an expert (not a standard support operator) studies your problem with only one thing in mind: to get your shop up and running as soon as possible.
  4. We have very few problems or breakdowns, and the ones that nevertheless occur, are usually resolved before you had the chance to establish them. MagentoHosting.Pro has an ingenious SMS monitoring system, allowing technicians to be informed within a very short time and to take immediate action.
  5. You will not receive e-mail with your hosting package. Our servers and what we do are completely in the service of an optimal Magento configuration, i.e. your core business, your shop.

A very important condition for a successful Magento shop is a low response time. This is another reason why MagentoHosting.Pro is your ideal hosting partner. On the ‘Speed‘ page you will find examples and proofs hereof.