“Speed is probably the main success factor of a web shop.”

You already read why the choice for MagentoHosting.Pro is an excellent one for your large, busy shop, but we have not really talked about the speed yet. Jeroen Vermeulen, CEO and owner of MagentoHosting.Pro and being a highly experienced Magento developer himself, says regarding the speed: “Speed is probably the main success factor of a web shop.”

This applies not only to the user experience of your visitors. SEO specialists found that, on average, Google ranks faster sites higher in the search results!

Therefore, it is not surprising that we go all the way to minimize the response times of our servers, making the performance of your shop optimal. Below you’ll find a summary of what MagentoHosting.Pro is doing and already has done to achieve this:

1. The overall performance is monitored constantly, so that adjustments can be made at an early stage when necessary.

2. Our premise is that a Magento shop page should always be loaded within one second. There are a lot of factors that can affect speed, and we cannot control all of them, such as the internet and browser speed of the visitor. That is why it is so important that we optimize the factors that we do have in hand.

3. Jeroen Vermeulen’s web site for his programming work, jeroenvermeulen.eu, is running on the same kind of server as where the Magento shops of our customers are located. On fastshop.jeroenvermeulen.eu, a test version of a Magento shop is running, allowing you to view the loading speed of a typical Magento shop. This shop we use for testing new performance enhancements among others.

Most Magento pages in this shop are sent within 50 milliseconds, which is 1/20 of a second. When the visitor has a fast internet connection and a fast browser, such pages can be loaded entirely on the screen within 100 milliseconds, so within a tenth of a second! One condition is that the page must have been loaded before (by you or someone else), so that it is in the server-side cache. Concerning an active shop, one can assume that this applies to all of the important pages.

4. For the experts among you: below you can see a list of what we have been optimizing on our servers to make the performance of your Magento shop as good as possible:
• HaProxy 1.6.x load balancing and SSL Offloading
• Varnish 4.1.x full page cache
• Redis object caching
• Apache 2.4.x met HTTP/2
• MySQL 5.7.x
• MySQL Tuning
• PHP Opcode Caching
• OS Tuning
• Cache header-optimalisatie
• Enterprise hardware
• A lot of CPU power
• Much memory
• Uptime and performance-monitoring
• Analysis of CPU usage per site
• Automated backups with off-site rotation

5 . On the independent website whichloadsfaster.com you can see with your own eyes what is possible on our servers. Indeed, you can compare the speed of two websites/shops here. When you are on the site, click “Try my own matchup”. Then fill in above the left part ‘fastshop.jeroenvermeulen.eu’ and above the right part the address of your current shop or any other shop. Click “Go” and soon you will see the difference in speed. The comparison is even more reliable when you top click “Repeat” and then for example ’10x’ before you click on the ‘Go’ button again. The two pages are compared 10 times with each other and at the end you will see the average speed of both of them.

6. In the sidebar, you’ll find a couple of links to demo shops that offer you an experience of how web shops behave in various configurations.

If you want to know more, go to the “Certainty” page.

Showcase sites

As you have seen speed is a very important thing, as well for customer experience as for SEO. The make it even more clear, below you will find some ‘showcase sites’. These are webshops that run on our servers and have thousands or ten thousands of unique visitors per day. Take a look in these …

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