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Showcase sites

As you have seen speed is a very important thing, as well for customer experience as for SEO. The make it even more clear, below you will find some ‘showcase sites’. These are webshops that run on our servers and have thousands or ten thousands of unique visitors per day. Take a look in these shops and experience the importance of performance.

  • www.maxitoys.be
    More than 63.000 unique visitors per day
    TV Commercial in France
    Part of Blokker holding, 172 physical stores in BE, FR, LU, CH, IT
    5 store views, 23.000 products
    Cluster of 3 dedicated servers with load balancing and Varnish
  • www.feestkleding365.nl
    More than 45.000 unique visitors per day
    5 store views, 45.000 producten
    Cluster van 2 dedicated servers met load balancing en Varnish
  • www.onderdelenwinkel.nl
    More than 40.000 unique visitors per day
    10 store views, 80.000 producten
    2 Dedicated servers with HHVM en Varnish