Technical tips

When you manage a Magento web shop, you may encounter things for which basic knowledge is insufficient. You need the knowledge of an expert. On the pages Test your server and Magento Profiling you’ll find useful tools that may help you with testing and solving performance problems.

How we make Magento fast

A combination of the following hardware and software is used to make Magento run fast. We also use several tools to monitor, graph and analyse the performance 24/7. Hardware No virtualisation, bare metal hardware performance Top quality enterprise hardware, redundant: cpu, memory, disks, power, fans A fast hardware raid controller with 1 GB BBU Cache Tons …

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MySQL Query Logging

When there has been quite some developing to a web shop and/or several extensions are been installed, chances are that the Magento front end doesn’t react as fast as it did before. The reason can often be found in useless MySQL queries. When the PHP code and Magento templates have been set up optimally, many …

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Test Your Server

The basis for fast Magento hosting is fast hardware. Virtual servers and hosting accounts are often sold with all kinds of great promises, but in practice they do not deliver the performance that Magento, and hence you, needs. In order to compare different servers with each other, we have developed some tests. We also show …

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Magento Profiling

Probably, most of you encounter the problem that particular Magento pages are a lot slower than others. The performance of our servers is permanently monitored by automated monitoring systems and also by engineers looking at the charts. We make sure that the server is not getting slow, and if a certain account is causing problems, …

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